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Question of the Day: What is your most recent act of generosity?

I believe almost everyone knows of or has heard of typhoon Haiyan and the havoc it wrecked on some parts of the Philippines.  And I also posted about it here a couple of times.

However, I will once again post some photos as tribute to the survivors and victims of one of the strongest typhoons that ever hit the planet.  To remind us to always be grateful for what we have and to admire the indomitable spirit of Filipinos.  To inform as much as I can the extent of the damage and the subsequent rebuilding that needs to be done.




Photos courtesy of Google Images.

Due to the devastation that this typhoon did to some provinces in the Visayas, our fellowmen need a lot of help.  Not just to rebuild their homes but their entire communities.  Roads and infrastructures.  Schools and hospitals.  Livelihoods.  

But, most important of all, our fellowmen need to rebuild their own sense of purpose and hope.

Every single peso helps.  Every single centavo goes a long way to letting them feel that they are not alone.

And I, like every one with a sense of social responsibility, tried helped in my own way.  Not just by donating whatever I can but in trying to raise awareness to what happened.

Moreover, I would like to use this opportunity to thanks everyone who has already extended their help through cash, relief goods, services, and prayers.  Every Filipino, whether a survivor of the typhoon or not, is indebted to everyone who helped.


WATCH: El Gamma Penumbra’s moving tribute to survivors of ‘Yolanda’ | ABS-CBN News.


I just had to share this.  One of the Philippines’ pride, El Gamma Penumbra, performing their tribute to the victims and survivors of the Zamboanga crisis, Cebu and Bohol earthquake, and typhoon Haiyan.

Indeed, the Filipinos had been and will always be indomitable in spirit.

A Few Minutes Ago

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Question of the Day: When was the last time you checked an online social network?

A few minutes ago.

You see, I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram applications in my phone.  And my daily routine, when I get home, is turn on my netbook then I check Facebook and Instagram on my phone while I wait for my netbook to boot up.

No matter what time I get home, this is what I usually do the minute my butt touches our couch.  Today, is not an exception.

So, yes.  A few minutes ago.  But, I don’t really consider myself addicted to any of these applications.  At least, not anymore.

I just like to check out what my friends are up to and if there are any interesting posts out there.  Especially now when some parts of the Philippines is still recovering or trying to recover from the damage that Haiyan caused.

Because up until now, there are still some heartbreaking and admirable posts from survivors, families of the survivors, families of the casualties of Haiyan, and the volunteers who were able to speak with some of them.

However, one of my favorite posts is not from any of those I mentioned above.  It’s from a volunteer or an organizer of a group who accepts and repacks relief goods.  It tells of a small street child who was willing to donate the money he earned from begging to those affected by Haiyan.

Let us all be Benjie‘s.

Whenever I read stories like this, I don’t regret the number of minutes I spend online because it reinforces my belief that Man is inherently good.




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Today the year’s strongest super typhoon in the world hit the Philippines.

As I am writing this post, Haiyan (international name) a.k.a Yolanda is still devastating parts of the Philippines, especially provinces in Visayas.

Videos and photos in the news are heartbreaking, especially since some of the provinces that got hit the worst were hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just a month ago.

One of the affected cities, Tacloban, also experienced a 10ft high storm surges aide from the torrential rain and strong winds.  In 30 minutes, the streets were flooded that it was practically wiped out.  A video was posted by Atom Araullo, an ABS-CBN reporter, who fearlessly went to Tacloban to do a coverage, in the station’s website:

Wind and Rain Hit Tacloban

But, Tacloban is not the only city affected by Haiyan.  It wrecked (and is still wrecking) havoc on every single city it passed.

However, as the storm continues to devastate our little paradise, I am grateful for two things: 1. Haiyan is moving so fast that it will practically breeze through the country and 2. Most of the affected areas are prepared for the typhoon.  

Both the local and national governments were prepared with evacuation centers and rescue units.  Residents were made aware of the strength of this typhoon and were encouraged early on to evacuate.

These dramatically lessened the damage Haiyan wrecked.  It still ruined thousands of houses, buildings, and properties but, so far, only 3 casualties were reported.  This, in itself, is a blessing.  

So, let us all still continue to pray that Haiyan will not take any more lives.  This country already lost so much this year.