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Not Possible

Posted: December 30, 2013 in passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: List what you’ve eaten for the past week.

Seriously? I mean, really?

It’s Christmas season and I’m a Filipino. It’s the biggest holiday ever for my country so believe me when I say that it is not possible to list down everything I ate for the past week.

And, to top it off, I am about to get my monthly visit. TMI, I know, but I also happen to consume a lot when it’s the time of the month.

So, no. I am not going to tire myself out in trying to achieve an almost impossible feat.


Buffet for our Christmas dinner. And, once again, I have a happy tummy.


I always loved buffets. They give you vast choices for roughly the same amount you would pay for a good restaurant.

Some people think that I don’t get my money’s worth in buffets but I beg to differ. I would gladly pay what I pay for the buffets just for the number of choices I can salivate after.

And, I have been salivating after this particular restaurant. So, for Christmas dinner I brought my father to Dad’s.Kamayan.Saisaki and we went home with an almost bursting tummy.

I swear my cholesterol level jumped to a new high but who cares? It’s Christmas. 🙂

Question of the Day: Write down five words that describe today.

December 25th.

The biggest holiday known to Filipinos. The one day where we feel the most festive and we eat out a lot. And I do mean a lot. Dinners left and right with family and friends starting December 1st til the 25th. This means a most needed rest for most of us.

So, if I were to describe this day in five words that would be:

Holiday. Festive. Food. Family. Rest.

Brown Sugar Muffins

Posted: December 24, 2013 in passion
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My latest project is to teach myself how to bake.

I already tried making chocolate chip cookies. They turned out ok. Bottom were a bit burnt but still delicious.

Last night I tried making snickerdoodles. The bottom were still burnt but they are delicious. Unfortunately,  I was not able to take a picture of my baked snickerdoodles.

This morning I made brown sugar muffins. I haven’t tried them yet but they sure look delicious.


I am a huge fan of Eggs Benedict.  So, whenever I see it on the menu I order it especially if it’s my first time to try it at that place.

Now, I am at Pancake House and the minute I opened the menu I saw that they now have Eggs Benedict.


Unfortunately,  this will be the last time I’ll be ordering this here. I do not feel that I got my money’s worth with my food today.

The egg was poached perfectly but the Hollandaise sauce is not Hollandaise sauce. It tastes like liquified mayonnaise. I am so disappointed. 😦

Question of the Day: What is you biggest regret?

Tonight I made my first ever batch of chocolate chip cookies.  It’s like learning how to walk all over again.  I had no idea what consistency to expect and the end result would be.

But, it was a lot of fun specially when it tasted really good.  Like real cookies! 🙂

So, I deeply regret not learning how to bake earlier.  Well, basically, I regret not learning of electric ovens earlier.  Had I known that there is such a thing I would have sold my left arm to get me one.  That’s how much I wanted to learn how to bake.

And now that I have one, I will not stop baking until I have mastered the art or at least can make passable pastries.

Here’s to spending more time in my little kitchen! 🙂



Posted: December 11, 2013 in American
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The past two days have been rough on me due to stress at work that somehow always managed to give me migraines.

So, in an effort to amuse myself, my father and I decided to go to the mall and have dinner someplace we haven’t tried yet.


The food was good but what was unforgettable is the way they served the most common Filipino dish, Adobo.

They call it Los Indios.  It can either be pork or chicken adobo served on top of the rice, wrapped in banana leaf, and served inside a bamboo.



It was also served with their own vinegar blend and it tasted real good.  The only downside is the small serving size.

While my father had the amazingly served adobo, I had Cowgirl Annie.  A 200g steak cooked in honey mustard sauce.  It was good.  It was the first time I ever tasted steak cooked that wait.





A night of firsts, indeed.  🙂