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Who wants balls?!?

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Italian, new recipe, passion
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Tried a recipe I found in

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce


It’s my first time to make meatballs so I followed it to the letter. Well, except I used pork and not beef. I also added basil and chili salt to the meatball mixture and a few dashes of dried rosemary in the tomato sauce.

Served it with rice.

I love how yummy it turned out. I will definitely make this again. Maybe, serve it over a bed of spaghetti next time. 🙂


You Refuse to be Happy

Posted: August 23, 2013 in heart, love
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“Your health is suffering because you refuse to be happy with your job.”

My father’s words that touched the very core of my being when I started to complain about my job, again.

Yes, I admit that I do complain a lot.  That I jump from one job to another because I keep looking for that perfect set-up in a perfect job.  But, I am now starting to realize that maybe the perfect set-up in a perfect job does not and will never exist.  And, maybe, this time my father’s right.  That it should be about time I start to love and be thankful for what I have.

Perfect or not.

So, no matter how hard it will be, I decided to try and love the job that I have now.  To give it my all and try to be the best sales engineer the company ever had.  To prove to the management that they did not make a mistake when they decided to hire me.

Trying to do all that may cause a little bit of stress for me but at least it will help pay the bills. Plus, I have a car I can use.  Better start counting my blessings now, instead of my grievances. 🙂

Dream and Write

Posted: August 21, 2013 in passion, writing

I love to read.  Ever since I was a kid, books were my escape.  I love how I can create my own world through the author’s words.   How they can paint you an entirely different world just by putting together words, phrases, and sentences on a piece of paper.

As I grew older, I realized that I can do that myself.  Someday.  For a while, I kept the dream up.  Yes, I did not pursue a writing course in college but I did not make that stop me from writing.  I joined an organization of creative writers.  I joined a college newspaper and made sure I write stories whenever I can.

But, the dream died gradually when I started working.  First, I just could no longer find the time to write.  Then, I was too tired to write.

Until, one day, when I did try to write again I realized that my muse has deserted me.  I found it hard to just sit down and weave magic into my words.  Like, I never even had the power to wield my pen like that in the first place.

This saddened me.  Because I saw my dream wilt and die.  Something I never thought could ever happen.

And I tried to live with that for a couple of years but I realized I just could not let that happen.  I need to write, for myself or for others.  It is a part of me.  Part of what makes me happy.  Part of what makes me… me.

So, I decided to try again.  I started to blog.  In fact, I started several blogs.  But I never had the patience to maintain it until now.

Now, I have decided to make this blog the one that will last.  However, this blog will be more than just a way for me to let my thoughts be known because I picked up a few more interests along the way, evident in my previous posts.

I just hope that by mixing it up I can have a few more followers.

But, you will have to bear with me as I am a bit rusty.  Hopefully, though, I will be able to wield my metaphorical pen as I once used to.  Like a magic wand. 🙂

Fish Soup on a Rainy Day

Posted: August 21, 2013 in new recipe, passion, Thai
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Hot and spicy soup is always yummy on a cold, rainy day.

So, on this cold, rainy day, I cooked Thai Curry Fish Soup.  Found the recipe at


Followed the recipe almost to the letter except I don’t have lime and kaffer lime leaf. So, I used lemon and bay leaf instead.

Oh, and I used whole fish cut in half instead of fish fillet. 🙂

Tasted like authentic Thai food to me. I wanted more heat but, again, my father can no longer tolerate too much heat in food. As it turned out, he was not even able to sip the soup eventhough I fished out the chilis early on. 🙂

Veneto Chicken

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Italian, new recipe, passion
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Went Italian again tonight with Veneto Chicken.

I was afraid my father would not like it but it was a success, I guess. He said it was yummy.


Got this recipe from:

But (here I go again) changed it up a bit to suit Pinoy taste.

Rubbed the chicken with salt and let it stand for an hour. Also added salt, pepper, chili salt, and dried basil to the flour.

After that, I followed the recipe to the letter except I used tarragon vinegar because I don’t have balsamic vinegar.

Good thing I rubbed the chicken with salt because my father said it would have tasted better with a bit more salt. So, if I hadn’t it would have been very bland to a Pinoy tongue. 😀

Let’s run!

Posted: August 18, 2013 in heart
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Sometimes, it pays to sweat a little. Especially if this is what you see when you run 🙂


Ayala Triangle Gardens.

A little park haven in the middle of one of the busiest cities in Metro Manila.

Pork Chops au Poivre

Posted: August 17, 2013 in French, new recipe, passion
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So, tried my hand at yet another French cuisine.

This time pepper crusted pork chops with a rich, creamy brandy sauce.

But, either I am not used to cooking and/or eating French or I messed the sauce up big time! My father ended up having chops with catsup. Haha!


Got the recipe from

But, instead of just salt and pepper as rub I added calamansi, again. And I also mixed some salt, chili salt, pepper, and dried basil to the flour. And because of my additions, the pork tastes great! 🙂