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True Love

Posted: November 18, 2012 in love

I had the pleasure of attending a very grand wedding.

Expected number of guests were around 800 and the reception was done in a huge ballroom of a five-star hotel.  The food was excellent and everyone was dressed to the nines.

And as part of the program, they had a trivia contest where people can win prizes.  The grand prize was an iPad 3.  I did not win, of course. 

But, the best part for me was when they showed clips of the wedding ceremony during the reception.  There were shots of the groom crying as he watched his bride walk down the aisle.

When I saw that I thought to myself, I want that.

I do not want a grand wedding where 800 guests are expected.  Nor do I want an extravagant one where the grand prize is an iPad 3.

No, I want a simple wedding. An intimate one but I do want to find a groom who will be so in love with me that he’d shed a few tears as he watch me walk down the aisle. 

Now that would be my dream wedding.


Losing a Loved One

Posted: November 8, 2012 in family
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It is never easy to lose a loved one. 

I’ve lost loved ones before and one of the things I realized is that it gets even harder as time goes by.  Because, as you get older, you get ‘wiser’ and can understand the implications more.

You realize that you will never hear them call your name again.  You will never hear them laugh with you or at you.  You will never have petty arguments with them again.  You can no longer see them smile.  Heck, you won’t ever hear them snore again.

And, sometimes, these little things are the ones that make your relationships with your loved ones special. 

And the ones that will make you miss them the most.

And, hopefully, the ones that will also make you cherish those who are still with you more.  For noone can tell what God has in store for any and all of us.

So, as each of us grow older, may we all realize that our loved ones are also growing older.  May we all cherish the precious years that God has given us to be with each other. 

Because as the priest in the service earlier told us, we are all living on borrowed time.  Precious but borrowed time.