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I haven’t been feeling well since yesterday.

Who wouldn’t feel bad when your blood pressure drops to 80/50 and refuses to go higher than 90/60?  Sure, I am used to 90/70 or 100/70 but that is just too low.

So, I took the afternoon off yesterday and the whole day today.

But, late this afternoon I was already feeling a bit better so I decided to spend a little time in my favorite place on earth, my little kitchen.

I have been thinking of making peanut butter cookies for a while now and decided to try the recipe by Martha Stewart that I found online.  Allow me to mention that I just love the internet and all the treasures it holds for me, specially since I am teaching myself to bake and all that. 🙂

Anyway, tried dear, old Martha’s recipe, with a few adjustment, and it turned out ok.  Although the cookies are very peanut-buttery and I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite amongst all the cookies I’ve made thus far but still tasted good.

Peanut Butter Cookies


To those interested, the adjustments I made are the following:

1. Used only 1/3 cup granulated sugar to reduce the sweetness.

2. Added 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch as I wanted the cookies to be a bit thicker.

3. Did not add nuts as my father doesn’t like nuts but added mocha droplets, instead.

4. Chilled the dough for almost 2 hours, again as I wanted thicker cookies and for them not to run so much.

This was an experimental batch as I wanted to see if my research paid off.  Well, guess it was a success because I did produce thicker cookies.  Thicker, softer, and chewier cookies

So, watch out for better-looking cookies next time. 😉


Question of the Day: How ambitious are you today?

I definitely feel very ambitious today.

I just bought my very first electric oven.  I don’t have an oven at home.  I never had an oven at home so this is definitely a first for me.  And a 28L oven at that because Christmas came early fr me today, thanks to my mother and an aunt.  I feel so blessed as I can finally try baking now.

In fact, I actually already looked up recipes for chocolate chip cookies and listed down what I need for when my father does the groceries tomorrow.  And for my first try, I decided on a soft and chewy chocolate chip recipe by Martha Stewart.  I really hope I don’t mess it up.  🙂