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Men and Young Women

Posted: October 24, 2012 in heart, love
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So, I was just talking to a friend.  Actually, he’s a high school classmate and that makes him my age.

Anyway, we were talking and I found out that his girlfriend is 9 years younger than him.  Than us.  He also told me another classmate of ours also has a much younger girlfriend. 

So, yeah. That short conversation just intensified my fear that I will probably grow old alone.  Because men my age will always go for someone younger. 

I may look young but, I have to face it, I am no longer young.  It may be hard to accept but I have to admit to myself that there’s a possibility that I will end up alone.

I just hope that God will grant me the strength and courage to do so.  If that is what He has planned for me.