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Question of the Day: Was today typical?  Why or why not?

Today is not typical, at all.

First, I had to postpone my drive to a customer’s  out of town facility because I still do not have what one of them asked me to bring. A piggy bank of sorts, actually. Weird but true.

Second, I had to ask for special evaluation of our product so we could deliver today. That meant I had to pick-up the quality assurance person just so he’d say yes.

Third, there were not enough products to evaluate so they had to pull-out some of the products intended for another customer. And I wasn’t informed on time. Good thing he still agreed to do it.

Fourth, was able to finish early and got to visit Sweet Crafts. A haven for those who love to bake. It is simply amazing there. The entire place was cramped with all sorts of goodies from top to bottom I didn’t know where to start looking.


And fifth, the Mocha Chocolate Cookies I baked were almost perfect. Well, my father liked them so they must be good. 😉

They may be thin but they are chewy.


So, yes, my day wasn’t typical. It was unusually stressful but a good one. I was able to bake a really good batch of cookies. 🙂


Question of the Day: Where do you find joy?

I find joy in almost everything except for one aspect of my life.

My work.

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful I have a job but it is not healthy for me.  It is so stressful that I get migraines almost on a regular basis and for long periods of time.  I seem to continuously lose weight.  And there are times when I can’t even sleep at night.

My bosses are so hard to please and I just could not adjust to the culture in the company.

So, what do I do?  I do the things I find joy in.  I spend time with my father as much as I can.  I chat with the rest of my family.  I try out new restos. I vent to my friends and listen to them vent as well.  I watch my favorite shows.  I cook whenever I can.  I play games (my current addiction is Hay Day) on my phone.  I read. I write.

I find joy in almost all aspects of my life and I try to have as much me time as I possibly could.  That way, I can try to forget about the stress and aches I get from my work and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

With a light heart.

My Big Boss

Posted: November 14, 2013 in passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: What do you need to vent about?

I used to vent about almost everything and anything  when I was younger.  I used to complain a lot.  But, as I grew older, I matured a lot too.

I don’t usually vent much now.  I try to endure as much as I can before I complain.  But, I am just a human being and my cup is not bottomless.

These days the one thing I regularly complain about to my family and friends is my big boss.  I know that I am not meeting his expectations but, damn, he has really high expectations!  And, whenever I feel like I have achieved something and report to him, he will just have more follow-up questions.  He is never satisfied.

The worse thing is he did not approve my regularization and is keeping me on a probationary status (which I think is illegal) and he told me 2 months after I was supposedly to have been regularized.

I know he has grounds for not signing my papers.  After all, I am not performing as he expected me to perform but they should have informed me before my 6th month.  What they are doing is illegal and unfair to me.

Sad part is, they won’t give me the COE I need to apply to MPNP.  I submitted my request Oct. 22nd and up to now the HR personnel is still giving me excuses.


Hard to Tell

Posted: November 9, 2013 in passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: Did you leave work on time?

Now, this is a difficult question to answer.

You see, I am a sales engineer and part of my job description is to go and visit customers and their manufacturing factories.  Normally, I visit the factories on Saturdays before going to our own plant.

However, today I had to face a lot of issues at my customer’s factories.  Issues on the quality of the products we are delivering to them.  Thus, I was in their factory until around 4:00 in the afternoon.

So, I no longer went to our own plant as I probably will find the entire office closed by the time I get there.  I went straight home, instead.