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Question of the Day: What would you like your epitaph to read?

An epitaph?  Why are we talking about epitaphs when I am only 33 years old?  Come on.  I still have tons of things I want to accomplish, which is evident by my answer.

Writer. Cook. Daughter. Wife. Mother.

I want my epitaph to read as simply as that.  I want to be remembered by generations to come with just those five simple words.  I want to make a good enough impact in each of those roles that people who know me would immediately think of me when they hear those words.

I am not an ambitious person but I do want those people close to me to remember who I really am.  And those five words are the words that I feel embody the real me.

But, let us please stop talking about epitaphs for now.  I have only accomplished two of the words above and I am still working on being a writer.  Plus, I have yet to see if God has intended for me to be a wife and a mother.



Posted: November 18, 2013 in passion, Q and A, writing
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Question of the Day: What is your dream job of the day?

To create a world of my own with words I put together has always been something I dreamed of doing.  To be able to do this for a living would be a dream come true.  Not just for one day but for the rest of my life.

I always dreamed of seeing my name on the cover of my very own novel someday.  Or create a magical world for children and the child-at-heart.  Or come up with a script for a blockbuster movie.

I want to be a writer not just for the money that it will bring me but for the chance to impart to the world the images, characters, and stories that are forever swirling in my head.

This has been my dream job for the longest time and, I believe, will always be my dream job.  But, I hope it won’t be a dream for much longer.  I am hoping, with all my heart and soul, that it will become my reality soon.