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White Chocolate Mocha Cookies

Posted: January 19, 2014 in baking, passion
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I think I am on a baking frenzy that I should come out of soon or else I will soon see the results of my baking in my hips.  But, I can’t stop it when everything I try is so good.

Well, almost everything.  I did botch up once or twice but who cares?!?! Anyone and everyone makes mistakes.

White Chocolate Mocha Cookies





Double Chocolate Chip Brownies

Posted: January 19, 2014 in baking, passion
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Last Thursday I decided to try making brownies and found this easy recipe online.

Easy Double Chocolate Chip Brownies



It did not come out as good as the one in the website where I got the recipe but I have a feeling it was good.  It’s only Sunday and the entire batch is gone.  Finished off by my father.

I am definitely making this again.



Question of the Day: Was today typical?  Why or why not?

Today is not typical, at all.

First, I had to postpone my drive to a customer’s  out of town facility because I still do not have what one of them asked me to bring. A piggy bank of sorts, actually. Weird but true.

Second, I had to ask for special evaluation of our product so we could deliver today. That meant I had to pick-up the quality assurance person just so he’d say yes.

Third, there were not enough products to evaluate so they had to pull-out some of the products intended for another customer. And I wasn’t informed on time. Good thing he still agreed to do it.

Fourth, was able to finish early and got to visit Sweet Crafts. A haven for those who love to bake. It is simply amazing there. The entire place was cramped with all sorts of goodies from top to bottom I didn’t know where to start looking.


And fifth, the Mocha Chocolate Cookies I baked were almost perfect. Well, my father liked them so they must be good. 😉

They may be thin but they are chewy.


So, yes, my day wasn’t typical. It was unusually stressful but a good one. I was able to bake a really good batch of cookies. 🙂

Question of the Day: How ambitious are you today?

I definitely feel very ambitious today.

I just bought my very first electric oven.  I don’t have an oven at home.  I never had an oven at home so this is definitely a first for me.  And a 28L oven at that because Christmas came early fr me today, thanks to my mother and an aunt.  I feel so blessed as I can finally try baking now.

In fact, I actually already looked up recipes for chocolate chip cookies and listed down what I need for when my father does the groceries tomorrow.  And for my first try, I decided on a soft and chewy chocolate chip recipe by Martha Stewart.  I really hope I don’t mess it up.  🙂