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Question of the Day: On a scale of one to ten, how was your lunch today?


There are certain days when I don’t get to leave the plant early so I have no choice but to eat cafeteria food. And we all know what that is like sometimes. 

Cafeteria food may nourish our bodies but it will rarely satisfy our taste buds.

Today was one of those days.

But, I did make up for it at supper. I had one of my favorites at Mary Grace.

Chorizo Perfect Plate (Local greens with chili daing dressing, chorizo and olive pasta, and apple pie)



I really want to know they make their chili daing dressing. It’s simply amazing.


Sometimes it is just magical to meet up with good friends and talk. About anything and everything over really good food.


She happens to be one of those really good friends that I can spend an entire day with and we won’t run out of topics to talk about.

Well, it probably helps that we are both chatty but still. It’s hard to find someone you can spend more than 5hours with and still feel that there wasn’t enough time.

And it’s an added bonus that we are both adventurous when it comes to food. I am so blessed that I was able to spend this afternoon (until early evening) with her as we are usually too busy with work and our everyday lives.

Pumpkin Soup, Mozzarella sticks, and Vongole Oglio from Mama Lou’s.



Posted: September 15, 2013 in Italian, new recipe, passion
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An aunt recently gave us a pack of Kielbasa. I did not want to just fry it and eat it as is.

So, I decided to look for a recipe that will showcase Kielbasa. And since I haven’t made pasta in a while I decided to do a pasta dish I found in

Kielbasa and Broccoli Linguine

But, I only had spaghetti so it became Kielbasa and Broccoli Spaghetti. It still turned out pretty amazing. 🙂



Posted: June 29, 2013 in Italian, new recipe, passion
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I love cooking. And I love trying out new recipes.

My favorite cuisine to experiment on?


And here are a couple of dishes I made last week:

Spicy Chicken Pesto Pasta


Spicy Pasta with Tuna and Salami