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Question of the Day: Write down five words that describe today.

December 25th.

The biggest holiday known to Filipinos. The one day where we feel the most festive and we eat out a lot. And I do mean a lot. Dinners left and right with family and friends starting December 1st til the 25th. This means a most needed rest for most of us.

So, if I were to describe this day in five words that would be:

Holiday. Festive. Food. Family. Rest.


Question of the Day: Where do you find joy?

I find joy in almost everything except for one aspect of my life.

My work.

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful I have a job but it is not healthy for me.  It is so stressful that I get migraines almost on a regular basis and for long periods of time.  I seem to continuously lose weight.  And there are times when I can’t even sleep at night.

My bosses are so hard to please and I just could not adjust to the culture in the company.

So, what do I do?  I do the things I find joy in.  I spend time with my father as much as I can.  I chat with the rest of my family.  I try out new restos. I vent to my friends and listen to them vent as well.  I watch my favorite shows.  I cook whenever I can.  I play games (my current addiction is Hay Day) on my phone.  I read. I write.

I find joy in almost all aspects of my life and I try to have as much me time as I possibly could.  That way, I can try to forget about the stress and aches I get from my work and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

With a light heart.

Question of the Day: What five words describe your mood?

I am restless but calm.

I am tired but energized.

I am contented but unsatisfied.

I am happy but sad.

I am amused but bored.

I believe it is impossible to just feel one specific emotion or be in one mood at one particular time.  Man is complicated that way.

There will always be a “but” in every situation.  A secondary emotion for every primary one.  After all, no man is an island.  The theory of six degrees states that we are all interconnected to each other.  The third law of physics simply states that for every action there is a corresponding reaction.

Thus, whatever action we do will always have an effect on one or two of those who are always around us.  And their reaction will have an effect to those around them and that may include you or not.  Thereby starting a cycle of sorts.  I think you get where I’m going with this.

So, yes.  My mood is always a mixture of contradictory feelings because I always try to take into account what those around me might be feeling at the exact same moment.

It is exhausting, at times, but I would rather feel this way than not care about others at all.

My Family

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Question of the Day: Who inspires you?

Like I posted in previously my family is the rock I lean on when I am tired, the wall I lean against when I am exhausted by standing on my own, and the light at the end of my tunnel.

They are the ones who helped me become the person that I am now.

They are the ones who inspire me the most to be the best person I could possibly be.

I will do everything I can to be their pride and joy.

Loving. Supportive. Solid.

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Question of the Day: What three words describe your family?

My family has always been the one unit I always run to whenever I have problems.  I am not saying that every member of my family knows all of my problems as that would be weird.  But at least one of them knows certain problems while the others know the other problems.

After all, I can’t tell my parents everything.  Some issues (specially boy problems) I can only share with my sisters while others are best discussed with my parents.

And despite the fact that we are not all physically together we find ways to talk to each other everyday, which is easier these days thanks to technology.  Me and my sisters taught our parents to use Whatsapp and Tango so that we can be with each other with just a few key strokes.  Distance is no longer an excuse not to make your family feel special.  My family tries to do this for each other on a daily basis.

Thus, I do not know what I would do without my family.  I have always either ran to them for help or helped them when I can.

I am not saying that my family is perfect.  No family is but they are perfect for me.  I cannot think of any other family I’d rather have.  And the three words I would use to describe my family are not elaborate.  They are the simplest, most heartfelt adjectives I could come up with:

Loving – there is nothing I can do that will make them love me less and there is nothing they can do that will make me love them less.

Supportive – I can always count on one and all of them for help.

Solid – they are my lifeline.  The rock I lean on when I am tired.  The wall I lean against when I am exhausted from standing on my own.

My family is my life and soul.  And part of the reason why I am still alive.

They share my passions and dreams.  They know my weaknesses and strengths.  They’ve seen and heard me cry.  They’ve celebrated my triumphs with me.  They grieved with me when I got my heart broken.

But, most of all, they help me live and be alive.  And for that, I will always look to them when my tunnel appears to be at its darkest.