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Chilling out at Chili’s

Posted: December 8, 2013 in passion, Q and A
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Sometimes, I just miss eating at Chili’s.  So, last night I gave in to my craving and dragged my father to the branch in SM Megamall.

He had  Triple Smoked Burger.


It was the biggest burger we ever saw and he, for the first time, did not get to finish it off.  Tried the patty and it tasted real good.  But what I liked the most was the dip for the fries.  That was amazing.  I was tempted to go ask them for the recipe.

I had Sweet and Spicy Chicken.


I loved this dish.  It’s new on their menu and if I remember correctly, the chicken had a Habanero glaze. The fish was a bit dry but who cares? It tasted good.  The chicken had just the right amount of heat that was countered perfectly by the cilantro rice and the steamed broccoli.  Loved the balance. 🙂



It is always worth it to eat at Chili’s. Great food coupled with great service always makes the wait so worth it.



Posted: July 1, 2013 in passion
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It’s my Mother’s birthday!

But, since she’s with my sister in the sunny state of CA, my Father and I decided to dine out to celebrate her birthday. (You’d soon learn that I will always find reasons to dine out. Haha!)

So, off to Chili’s we went.

Chili’s is one of my fave restaurants and it has been a while since I last ate there. The place is always full and the waiting list long!!!

But, we finally got to eat there tonight and a meal at Chili’s will never be complete without their egg rolls. I just love the contrast between the cold guamole and mildly spicy rolls.

So, my dinner consisted of Chili’s Southern egg rolls, clam chowder (a second fave), and bottomless lemonade:


It is safe to say that I have a happy tummy tonight and will probably sleep so deeply it will take a thunderstorm to wake me up. 😉