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The Dream

Posted: November 17, 2013 in passion, short story, writing
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(something I wrote a while ago)



Lisa was jolted out of a deep sleep by the bedroom door banging shut.

I must have left it open, she thought as she stretched and slowly crawled out of her bed. Then, she realized that it was a hot night and she closed the windows to turn on the AC.

Her heart stared to pound faster as she turned on her bedside lamp and looked around her room. Nothing looks different. Everything looks the same. Shrugging off her unease, she crossed the room to her bathroom.

As she washed her face to calm her nerves down, she heard something. A whisper of a movement in her bedroom. With her face dripping wet, she went back to her room and looked around again. Again, she saw nothing. Everything was the same and all was quiet.

Damn, girl, she thought, you have one heck of an imagination.

She went back to her bathroom, took her towel, and started to wipe her face dry in front of the mirror. And that’s when she saw it. Two tiny marks on the side of her throat. Not fresh wounds but still a little red.

She leaned in closer and tried to examine them. They looked like insect bites except they weren’t swollen. She was afraid to touch them for fear that she’d irritate them. And that’s when her dream came back to her in flashes.

Red eyes. Face of a god. Body of a god. Blocking her way home, a narrow street by the park.

Damn, why did I take this stupid shortcut.

As she looked at this terrifyingly handsome man, she realized that she can’t move or scream. Her legs seemed to be glued to the ground and her mouth sewn shut.

Oh my god!

And that’s when the god started to move towards her. His long legs closing the distance between them one meter at a time. As he closed in she suddenly realized that she wanted whatever is about to happen. That she would give him anything he asked of her. So, she just stood there and stared at the sky as he pounced and bit her on the neck.

She moaned as she felt her blood flowing from her neck to his mouth. She moaned as she realized that her blood is now coursing through his glorious body. She moaned and pulled him closer to her, silently inviting him to take more. An invitation he accepted as he crushed him to her. She went limp in his arms as he continued to drink his fill. She has never felt this good and she did not want it to end.

Please, dear God. Don’t let it end.

A dream, she thought to herself as she looked at the marks again. It was just a dream. Shaking herself free of the dream, she turned to hang her towel but dropped it to the floor instead. For standing at the doorway was the god with the red eyes and glorious body. Smiling at her.


Question of the Day: Where do you find pleasure?

I have always had varied interests but the first ever hobby I had that really brought me so much joy was reading.  As a kid, I would devour the stories in my lecture books even before school started and then I discovered fiction.

Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams. These were some of the first series I fell in love with.

Since then, books have been my escape.  I would run into those pages to hide from my reality whenever I feel like my world is starting to get too small.

Then, I guess as a consequence of my addiction to this alternate reality, I started to write.  I found it extremely gratifying to try and create my own world.  Weave an entire reality from a string of letters I created.

I would write short story after short story, poem after poem.  The only problem is I lost most of what I wrote when I was younger.  I also lost the passion as I grew older and I regret that.  But, I really hope to God I can revive that with this blog. 🙂

So for years those two things were my hobbies then I started working and discovered food.

When I moved to the big city with my sister, we made a pact.  Every pay day, we will try out new restaurants and new cuisine.  We were able to try a lot of different things together but our favorite restaurant then was The Spaghetti Factory.

It wasn’t fine dining but it was an adventure.  You can choose the type of pasta you want from 8 options and the sauce from more than 200 options.  We found it hard to remember what combinations we already tried but we always looked forward to those dinners.  It was a break from my usual Filipino dishes.

Then, it dawned on me.  I can cook Filipino dishes and I am starting to get bored cooking the same dishes I know week after week.  So, I started to try out new recipes.  The first cuisine I tried was, of course, Italian.  PASTA!!!

Since I was able to create “edible” dishes and didn’t cause stomach ache to any of my family it turned into another hobby.  It became my refuge after a harrowing week.  Now, I’ve tried and successfully cooked some Italian, American, Thai, Chinese, and German dishes.  The only thorn on my side is French and I hope to improve on that.  I also plan to be able to make maki someday as this is my current obsession now.

However, I don’t get to cook everyday as I am usually too tired to be productive whenever I get home from work.  Most days, I just want to sit on the couch and be a potato and this gave birth to my obsession to tv shows.

I will not even try to enumerate all the shows I watch as there are too many but I love sitcoms and cop shows.  My favorite character is probably Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.  After all, it was the first series I got addicted to and I still follow this show, along with a dozen others (I think!). 🙂

But, despite all these hobbies there are two things that I cannot live without and would always give me the biggest pleasure: my family and friends.

Whenever I feel down, I like to surround myself with them and they are also the ones I want to celebrate with when I have little triumphs.  They helped made me the person I am today and are continuously helping me mold myself to be a better person.

These people are my life.  My love.  My soul.