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I love giving in to my inner diva sometimes.

And, no, I don’t mean being a world class DB but to just love yourself a bit more than necessary. You’ll find that it will make a heck of a difference between being all stressed out to feeling good about yourself.

Go to a spa. Dine out. Shop.

As the saying goes: All you need is love..

That is true for self love too.

But, please, just a little bit and just once in a while. Because too much self love is just sick.

Even spa people would surely get tired of you. Waiters might spit on your food. And it is just plain expensive.

And the selfies? Lay off them, for the love of all that is good on earth. Once or twice is enough. Thrice is even forgiveable but every freaking day? Come on…

So, yes. The key phrase is ONCE IN A WHILE.

For some, it should be a GOOD LOOONG WHILE for all the selfies you’ve made us suffer every single day.