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Posted: October 22, 2012 in passion, writing

Writing was always my passion.

But over the past few years, I gradually lost the fire in me to do so.  I am not sure whether I was just too busy trying to earn a living or if I was just too afraid to put myself out there, amidst all those successful bloggers. 

Still, I tried, countless times, to start my own blog but I could not sustain it.  Might be because I tried to write about something that I wasn’t truly passionate about.  After a few months, I find myself losing interest and totally stopped writing.  But after a few more months, the call will be there again and I will start, once more, and not sustain it, again.

Now, however, I could no longer ignore the urge to write about something, anything under the sun.  So, I decided to try, again. 

But, this time, I decided to write about something I know. And, hopefully, I can sustain it. 🙂