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Question of the Day: Where do you find joy?

I find joy in almost everything except for one aspect of my life.

My work.

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful I have a job but it is not healthy for me.  It is so stressful that I get migraines almost on a regular basis and for long periods of time.  I seem to continuously lose weight.  And there are times when I can’t even sleep at night.

My bosses are so hard to please and I just could not adjust to the culture in the company.

So, what do I do?  I do the things I find joy in.  I spend time with my father as much as I can.  I chat with the rest of my family.  I try out new restos. I vent to my friends and listen to them vent as well.  I watch my favorite shows.  I cook whenever I can.  I play games (my current addiction is Hay Day) on my phone.  I read. I write.

I find joy in almost all aspects of my life and I try to have as much me time as I possibly could.  That way, I can try to forget about the stress and aches I get from my work and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

With a light heart.


A Boyfriend

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Question of the Day: Who do you miss?

I consider myself really lucky as my family is still complete.  Granted, we are not physically together and I sometimes miss them but with the help of technology I can communicate with one and/or all of them.

What I do miss a lot, though, is having a boyfriend.  Yes, not a specific boyfriend, but just having someone to call my boyfriend.

Someone to hold my hand and someone whose hand I can hold.  Someone to kiss me on the cheek and someone whose cheek I can kiss.  Anytime and anywhere I feel like doing so.

A shoulder to lean on when I need one and someone to offer my shoulder to when needed.

I want to feel strong arms wrapped around me.  And I terribly miss wrapping my arms around someone.

I miss all those things but the one thing I miss the most about having a boyfriend is having a best friend.  I know that some people think that you should not consider your beloved partner your best friend because once that happens it can take the romance out of the relationship.  But, I believe otherwise.

My parents consider each other best friends and, despite the distance physically separating them, I can feel the love between them.

And is what is missing in my life. A partner, soul mate, best friend, and boyfriend in one.


Question of the Day: What would you like your epitaph to read?

An epitaph?  Why are we talking about epitaphs when I am only 33 years old?  Come on.  I still have tons of things I want to accomplish, which is evident by my answer.

Writer. Cook. Daughter. Wife. Mother.

I want my epitaph to read as simply as that.  I want to be remembered by generations to come with just those five simple words.  I want to make a good enough impact in each of those roles that people who know me would immediately think of me when they hear those words.

I am not an ambitious person but I do want those people close to me to remember who I really am.  And those five words are the words that I feel embody the real me.

But, let us please stop talking about epitaphs for now.  I have only accomplished two of the words above and I am still working on being a writer.  Plus, I have yet to see if God has intended for me to be a wife and a mother.

My Family

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Question of the Day: Who inspires you?

Like I posted in previously my family is the rock I lean on when I am tired, the wall I lean against when I am exhausted by standing on my own, and the light at the end of my tunnel.

They are the ones who helped me become the person that I am now.

They are the ones who inspire me the most to be the best person I could possibly be.

I will do everything I can to be their pride and joy.

Loving. Supportive. Solid.

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Question of the Day: What three words describe your family?

My family has always been the one unit I always run to whenever I have problems.  I am not saying that every member of my family knows all of my problems as that would be weird.  But at least one of them knows certain problems while the others know the other problems.

After all, I can’t tell my parents everything.  Some issues (specially boy problems) I can only share with my sisters while others are best discussed with my parents.

And despite the fact that we are not all physically together we find ways to talk to each other everyday, which is easier these days thanks to technology.  Me and my sisters taught our parents to use Whatsapp and Tango so that we can be with each other with just a few key strokes.  Distance is no longer an excuse not to make your family feel special.  My family tries to do this for each other on a daily basis.

Thus, I do not know what I would do without my family.  I have always either ran to them for help or helped them when I can.

I am not saying that my family is perfect.  No family is but they are perfect for me.  I cannot think of any other family I’d rather have.  And the three words I would use to describe my family are not elaborate.  They are the simplest, most heartfelt adjectives I could come up with:

Loving – there is nothing I can do that will make them love me less and there is nothing they can do that will make me love them less.

Supportive – I can always count on one and all of them for help.

Solid – they are my lifeline.  The rock I lean on when I am tired.  The wall I lean against when I am exhausted from standing on my own.

My family is my life and soul.  And part of the reason why I am still alive.

They share my passions and dreams.  They know my weaknesses and strengths.  They’ve seen and heard me cry.  They’ve celebrated my triumphs with me.  They grieved with me when I got my heart broken.

But, most of all, they help me live and be alive.  And for that, I will always look to them when my tunnel appears to be at its darkest.

MPNP Application

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Question of the Day: What do you have to get done?

The one thing that I have to get done is my application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

This is the one thing that I should have done a long time ago.  But, I haven’t had the chance to do so due to a couple of reasons.  One, the timing was not right as I just changed jobs.  Two, they now require a settlement fund that we had to save up for.

But, now that we were able to save up for the  settlement fund and I have been with my current company for 11 months now, my family is putting on the pressure for me to start with my application.  Especially since Canada appears to have a more lenient screening process due to the recent tragedy that the Philippines experienced.

After all, once my father’s petition is approved, my entire family will already be based in Northern America.  So, I guess now is the best time to start with my application process.  Strike while the iron is hot.  🙂


Question of the Day: Where do you find pleasure?

I have always had varied interests but the first ever hobby I had that really brought me so much joy was reading.  As a kid, I would devour the stories in my lecture books even before school started and then I discovered fiction.

Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams. These were some of the first series I fell in love with.

Since then, books have been my escape.  I would run into those pages to hide from my reality whenever I feel like my world is starting to get too small.

Then, I guess as a consequence of my addiction to this alternate reality, I started to write.  I found it extremely gratifying to try and create my own world.  Weave an entire reality from a string of letters I created.

I would write short story after short story, poem after poem.  The only problem is I lost most of what I wrote when I was younger.  I also lost the passion as I grew older and I regret that.  But, I really hope to God I can revive that with this blog. 🙂

So for years those two things were my hobbies then I started working and discovered food.

When I moved to the big city with my sister, we made a pact.  Every pay day, we will try out new restaurants and new cuisine.  We were able to try a lot of different things together but our favorite restaurant then was The Spaghetti Factory.

It wasn’t fine dining but it was an adventure.  You can choose the type of pasta you want from 8 options and the sauce from more than 200 options.  We found it hard to remember what combinations we already tried but we always looked forward to those dinners.  It was a break from my usual Filipino dishes.

Then, it dawned on me.  I can cook Filipino dishes and I am starting to get bored cooking the same dishes I know week after week.  So, I started to try out new recipes.  The first cuisine I tried was, of course, Italian.  PASTA!!!

Since I was able to create “edible” dishes and didn’t cause stomach ache to any of my family it turned into another hobby.  It became my refuge after a harrowing week.  Now, I’ve tried and successfully cooked some Italian, American, Thai, Chinese, and German dishes.  The only thorn on my side is French and I hope to improve on that.  I also plan to be able to make maki someday as this is my current obsession now.

However, I don’t get to cook everyday as I am usually too tired to be productive whenever I get home from work.  Most days, I just want to sit on the couch and be a potato and this gave birth to my obsession to tv shows.

I will not even try to enumerate all the shows I watch as there are too many but I love sitcoms and cop shows.  My favorite character is probably Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.  After all, it was the first series I got addicted to and I still follow this show, along with a dozen others (I think!). 🙂

But, despite all these hobbies there are two things that I cannot live without and would always give me the biggest pleasure: my family and friends.

Whenever I feel down, I like to surround myself with them and they are also the ones I want to celebrate with when I have little triumphs.  They helped made me the person I am today and are continuously helping me mold myself to be a better person.

These people are my life.  My love.  My soul.