My Interests and Beliefs

Posted: January 25, 2014 in passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: What makes “you” you?

I believe any one person is unique because of the varying interests, beliefs, and whatnots that make up one’s personality.  And this can never be duplicated in another human being. Even identical twins will never have the same personality.

So, yes. My quirks make “me” me.

I am a licensed chemical engineer here in the Philippines. I work as a sales engineer. I am good in the kitchen (but would love to become a goddess in it). And I’d like to believe that I’m also a pretty good writer.

I love to read. And I especially like books that can take me to a whole new world, universe even. So, yup. Fantasy or urban fantasy is my cup of tea.

I also love to watch shows. I follow more than a handful and the genre varies from cop shows to sitcoms to sci-fi to fantasy.

I am Roman Catholic. I may not be devout but I am religious. I believe that God has plans for each of us and our purpose is to ascertain the path He has forged for us.

Now, tell me. Do you know of someone who has the exact same interests and beliefs as I do? 🙂

Oh and, yes. I can be quite sarcastic sometimes.


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