A Boyfriend

Posted: December 5, 2013 in family, love, passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: Who do you miss?

I consider myself really lucky as my family is still complete.  Granted, we are not physically together and I sometimes miss them but with the help of technology I can communicate with one and/or all of them.

What I do miss a lot, though, is having a boyfriend.  Yes, not a specific boyfriend, but just having someone to call my boyfriend.

Someone to hold my hand and someone whose hand I can hold.  Someone to kiss me on the cheek and someone whose cheek I can kiss.  Anytime and anywhere I feel like doing so.

A shoulder to lean on when I need one and someone to offer my shoulder to when needed.

I want to feel strong arms wrapped around me.  And I terribly miss wrapping my arms around someone.

I miss all those things but the one thing I miss the most about having a boyfriend is having a best friend.  I know that some people think that you should not consider your beloved partner your best friend because once that happens it can take the romance out of the relationship.  But, I believe otherwise.

My parents consider each other best friends and, despite the distance physically separating them, I can feel the love between them.

And is what is missing in my life. A partner, soul mate, best friend, and boyfriend in one.



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