Posted: November 28, 2013 in love, passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: What was the last risk you took?

I cannot think of a bigger risk than taking the leap of faith in LOVE.

And, like every normal person I know, I did my fair share of leaping when it comes to love.  I also made more than one leap in my lifetime and fell flat on my face an equal number of times.

But, I am grateful for those falls, even if they did not end up in “happily ever after” for me.  Those falls helped me grow up and mature in leaps and bounds.  Every fall taught me certain lessons in life, lessons that I would not have learned otherwise.

The greatest leap/risk I ever took in love was to try long-distance relationship with someone I’ve never met.  I know it sounds a bit crazy but, I swear, the connection was real.  As real as if we actually met in a mall.

But, like all the other leaps-in-love I took, this one did not pan out.  It taught me that even good men can cheat and to trust less easily.  To make the next man I meet earn my trust first.

  1. ldr13 says:

    You’re braver than a lot of people to try it. I am in an LDR with someone who I didn’t meet until 3 months in. Unfortunately nothing is ever guaranteed; but even if things don’t pan out with the amazing man I am with I won’t ever regret taking that leap of faith and I don’t think I would hesitate from taking it again. Like you, I might be a little more careful (I think we’re a little more careful every time our heart gets broken) but I’d rather believe in people and occasionally be disappointed than to never believe in people.

    Some people decide that because their relationship or their LDR or their *insert situation* didn’t work out therefore it won’t work ever for anyone, or ever again for them but that’s not the case. Getting back up after a fall and learning to take that leap again is the beauty of life… I’m glad you realize that 🙂

    Best wishes to you in finding your happily ever after 🙂

    • bukmarkd says:

      Thank you. I do try to still stay optimistic despite all the tears I shed. 🙂

      • ldr13 says:

        Aww, that made me sad and also chuckle a little cause I so know the feeling. It seems you have a good sense of humour! Keep having faith; he’s out there :). People kept telling me this great guy would come along that would treat me right and I just kept rolling my eyes and now for the first time time ever I’m in a really great relationship (not one I think is great that everyone else tells me is bad for me… I like to learn things the hard way I guess). Mind you, if this boy makes me eat my words I may have to fly over there and junk punch him, and then we can cry together. 🙂

        Seriously though, it’ll get better. I hope that soon I’ll see a post here about an amazing guy you’ve met; one you can really trust. I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough, and in the meantime just keep being awesome :). Goodluck! xox

      • bukmarkd says:

        Thank you. I hope so too. Good luck to you and your guy! 🙂

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