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Red Kimono

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Japanese, passion
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I had another exhausting day.

First, had a busy morning at work. We were having problems with one of our products and the owner just won’t own up to the fact that our product doesn’t meet the standard specifications.

Then, had to take the afternoon off to go to an interview for another job. And, during the interview, the owner was texting me to see if I was able to buy the samples he wanted.

So, after the interview, I had to go to three supermarkets to look for said samples.  Good thing they were walking distance from each other.  I just hope that the samples I found are what the owner is looking for.

By the time I was done with my supermarket-hopping, I was dead-tired, hungry, and all stressed-out.  Luckily, told my father to meet me in one of the malls for dinner.  And, even luckier, that mall has a Japanese restaurant I haven’t tried before.

Red Kimono for dinner! 🙂


The food was good.  Service was a bit slow but, all in all, it was a good ending to a stressful day.



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Question of the Day: What was the last risk you took?

I cannot think of a bigger risk than taking the leap of faith in LOVE.

And, like every normal person I know, I did my fair share of leaping when it comes to love.  I also made more than one leap in my lifetime and fell flat on my face an equal number of times.

But, I am grateful for those falls, even if they did not end up in “happily ever after” for me.  Those falls helped me grow up and mature in leaps and bounds.  Every fall taught me certain lessons in life, lessons that I would not have learned otherwise.

The greatest leap/risk I ever took in love was to try long-distance relationship with someone I’ve never met.  I know it sounds a bit crazy but, I swear, the connection was real.  As real as if we actually met in a mall.

But, like all the other leaps-in-love I took, this one did not pan out.  It taught me that even good men can cheat and to trust less easily.  To make the next man I meet earn my trust first.