Posted: November 25, 2013 in Filipino, passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: How much water did you drink today?

I normally drink more than 2 Liters of water everyday to keep healthy. My body is used to taking in this much water on a daily basis.  In fact,  I feel a little off whenever I don’t get to drink 2L of water everyday.

But, today, I think I will not be able to drink my daily 2L dosage of water and this is because I gave in to my cravings.  That is, I drank more than 5oo mL of Coke this afternoon.

Once or twice a month I get these cravings for certain food or drink that can only be satiated by that specific food or drink.  And this afternoon was one of those days.

After a tiring day, I craved for chicharong bulaklak (photo courtesy of 4.bp.blogspot.com).


chicharong bulaklak

I have been craving for chicharong bulaklak since yesterday but the urge grew much stronger today.  So, I gave in and bought a pack.  However, chicharong bulaklak can be enjoyed best with either ice-cold beer or Coke.  So, I opted for Coke since I still had to drive home.

Well, suffice it to say craving satiated but now I have to compensate for the amount of water I did not drink because I had a huge glass of Coke.

But, the night is still young and I plan to drink another 500 mL of water before I sleep.  🙂




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