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WATCH: El Gamma Penumbra’s moving tribute to survivors of ‘Yolanda’ | ABS-CBN News.


I just had to share this.  One of the Philippines’ pride, El Gamma Penumbra, performing their tribute to the victims and survivors of the Zamboanga crisis, Cebu and Bohol earthquake, and typhoon Haiyan.

Indeed, the Filipinos had been and will always be indomitable in spirit.



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Question of the Day: How much water did you drink today?

I normally drink more than 2 Liters of water everyday to keep healthy. My body is used to taking in this much water on a daily basis.  In fact,  I feel a little off whenever I don’t get to drink 2L of water everyday.

But, today, I think I will not be able to drink my daily 2L dosage of water and this is because I gave in to my cravings.  That is, I drank more than 5oo mL of Coke this afternoon.

Once or twice a month I get these cravings for certain food or drink that can only be satiated by that specific food or drink.  And this afternoon was one of those days.

After a tiring day, I craved for chicharong bulaklak (photo courtesy of


chicharong bulaklak

I have been craving for chicharong bulaklak since yesterday but the urge grew much stronger today.  So, I gave in and bought a pack.  However, chicharong bulaklak can be enjoyed best with either ice-cold beer or Coke.  So, I opted for Coke since I still had to drive home.

Well, suffice it to say craving satiated but now I have to compensate for the amount of water I did not drink because I had a huge glass of Coke.

But, the night is still young and I plan to drink another 500 mL of water before I sleep.  🙂