My BF Across the Miles

Posted: November 17, 2013 in friends, passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: Which friend(s) did you last speak to?

Nowadays, speaking could mean having a conversation with someone without ever seeing that other person.

Text messaging, chats, tweets, posts,and emails are just some of the methods that, somehow, replaced face to face conversations.  However, for me, the medium used to speak to someone does not matter.  It is the actual connection forged between people that carries the most weight.

And I found that with my BF across the miles.  My best friend.  The one person I consider the closest to is someone I have never seen in person but have known for more than 5 years.

He knows almost everything about me.  He knows more about me than my other close friends here in the Philippines.  He is an important part of my life and one that I don’t want to lose.

The thing is, he is more than just a friend to me and I think I am more than just a friend to him too.  But, we are both too afraid to try and define things so we settle for what we have.  Some may think that that’s cowardly and maybe it is.  However, I’d rather have him in my life in whatever capacity we are both comfortable with than not have him at all.

And, yes, he is the last person I spoke with.  Well, chatted with, actually.  But, like I said, the medium does not matter and, with him, it never will.



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