My Civil Status

Posted: November 8, 2013 in passion, Q and A
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Question of the Day: What topic are you bored talking about?

If yesterday’s question was easy to answer, today’s question had me thinking.

I actually cheated and read the question this morning, before going to work.  As the day progressed, the answer to the question eluded me despite the fact that I have been trying to find the right answer the entire day.

It took me a while to find the right one because, as a friend once described me, I can talk anyone under the table without the influence of alcohol.  Well, at least anyone I already know and am comfortable with because I am like a diesel-powered engine when it comes to meeting new people.  It takes a while for me to warm up and I suck in making small conversations (one thing I am trying my damndest to develop). 😦

But, when I got home it dawned on me.  There is one topic that bores and irritates the heck out of me whenever it is brought up.

So, I sit here with my feet up the coffee table and admit that my civil status is the one topic I try to avoid at all costs.

I absolutely hate it when relatives, friends, and acquaintances (specially acquaintances, how dare you try to judge me when you barely know me) ask me the following questions whenever we meet:

Why are you still single?       

Why won’t you get married already?

Aren’t you jealous of your friends who already have families of their own?

People, if it was that easy don’t you think I would have done something to correct the situation already?  I am, after all, 33 years old, still single, and I am unfortunate enough to live in a country where some people might already see me as an old-maid.  Sad but true.

But, I am not single by choice and every time someone brings up the subject it’s like rubbing in the fact that I have not met anyone who is willing to put up with my eccentricities yet.

And, yes.  I do get jealous of my friends who have families of their own by now.  Specially those who already have two or more kids.  But, what can I do?  I can’t just stand on a street corner and expect to be proposed to by some random man.  Again, it is not that easy.

Plus, everytime the topic is brought up and those questions are asked it feels like salt is repeatedly on an open wound.

So, please, drop it.  In the name of all things good on earth, leave my civil status the heck alone.


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