Posted: July 1, 2013 in passion
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It’s my Mother’s birthday!

But, since she’s with my sister in the sunny state of CA, my Father and I decided to dine out to celebrate her birthday. (You’d soon learn that I will always find reasons to dine out. Haha!)

So, off to Chili’s we went.

Chili’s is one of my fave restaurants and it has been a while since I last ate there. The place is always full and the waiting list long!!!

But, we finally got to eat there tonight and a meal at Chili’s will never be complete without their egg rolls. I just love the contrast between the cold guamole and mildly spicy rolls.

So, my dinner consisted of Chili’s Southern egg rolls, clam chowder (a second fave), and bottomless lemonade:


It is safe to say that I have a happy tummy tonight and will probably sleep so deeply it will take a thunderstorm to wake me up. 😉


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